Which procedure will my committee follow?

Our GA committees (DISEC, SOCHUM, SPECPOL and Environment Committee) will be following THIMUN procedure, while the Security Council , ECOSOC and Historical Committee will be following the Harvard Procedure.


What is the dress code?

Every participant in MDMUN is obligated to wear formal clothes. Wearing sneakers is strictly out of order. Males should be wearing a tie/bowtie at all times and male delegates should be wearing their jackets when they are giving a speech or giving a point/motion. (You may take your jacket off afterwards.)


Do I have to attend every session?

You have the right to skip sessions, but according to MDMUN 2020's award policy you will not be given an award nor a certificate if you miss more than two sessions.


How can I prepare for the conference?

You should read your study guide and do adequate research to get to know your assigned country’s policy. You may also research your assigned procedure if MDMUN’20 is your first MUN experience.


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