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"Changing the Tides

of the 21st Century"

Code of Conduct

The consumption of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages in MDMUN is strictly forbidden. If any delegate is caught smoking or drinking an alcoholic beverage, he/she won’t receive a certificate of participation and their advisor will be contacted about the situation.


The participants will not be allowed to enter the classrooms with any kind of food. Chewing gum is prohibited. Tea, coffee and water will be provided during coffee breaks.


Participants are not allowed to damage any school property at any cost. If property is damaged, the participant in question will cover the cost of the damage.


Any rude or extreme behavior during the social event will not be tolerated. The attendance of people who are not a part of the conference is not allowed even though they may be acquaintances or friends of delegates, student officers, or advisors.


Other than an emergency or health situation, all delegates are expected to attend the sessions regularly and refrain from missing them. If the number of missing sessions is two or more, the delegate will not be awarded the certificate of participation.


Every delegate in MDMUN is expected to behave in a professional way, to not use any rude language or display inappropriate behavior towards others, such as but not limited to: bullying delegates; denigrating a culture, country, or ethnicity; and engaging in physical violence.


Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and has the consequence of not receiving a certificate or the prohibition of participating in the conference.


The dress code in the conference takes high importance as all delegates must wear formal clothes. If applicable, no humorous prints on clothes, no flashy colors, and no traditional clothing. Sportive wear such as sneakers is not allowed by any means. Wearing a blazer is mandatory while on the floor and delivering a speech. Delegates who do not obey the dress code will get a warning or diplomatic warning if not taken seriously.


The official language of MDMUN is English. All communications and work of participants should be in English. Those not complying with this rule will receive an official warning and it may further lead to be expelled from the conference.


All participants will sign the code of conduct at the registration board and those who break the rules will face the consequences.

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