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"Changing The Tides of the 21st Century"

Letter from the Secretary General


Most distinguished delegates, student officers and advisors,


On behalf of the secretariat, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the third annual session of MDMUN.


Previous years have been a dream come true for us. We had the honor of holding first MUN conference in Denizli, and the feedback we received was indescribable. As a result of our achievements, we were ranked among the Top 5 MUN Conferences in Turkey. There is no doubt that we will go beyond our best efforts to make this year's conference even better.


This year's theme will be, “Changing the Ties of the 21st Century". Despite not being able to change the past, we are preparing to change tomorrow.


Our team is more than ready to make this conference one of the most efficacious and memorable experiences for you. We hope to see you on March 15th - 17th, here in MDMUN24.


Secretary General


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